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Why WordPress?
WordPress (WP) has always been known as a great blogging platform. However, over time it has made its way to being a great website platform as well as being one of the most used Content Management Systems (CMS) with nearly 25% of all internet websites.

The most basic advantage of a CMS platform is how it allows you to manage you own site. This means you can change the text or an image without the need of a “webmaster”. Cool, right! Well, yes for those two tasks, but depending on your computing skills the other part of “managing your own site” may well be out of your league. It just depends on you; do you dive from the high dive, low board or just dangle your feet in the water.

So the control aspect of your site is up in the air, but there are some real tangible benefits with WordPress and they are called “plugins and widgets (widgets are plugin’s that you drag and drop in your sidebar)”. There are lots of them! They can control things like; Appointment Books/ Calendars & Event Organizers, how your Images are stored or how your Team page is laid out and even a widget for Yelp. Then there are critical plugins like “VaultPress” that ensure your pages and data are backed up daily or even hourly, as well as “payment gateways” that allow secure online purchases. While WP itself is free and there are many plugins that are also free. However, at least half cost money. On average they range between $50 and $100, but can be very expensive. Remember someone had to take time to develop them.

Installs, Updates & Themes
Finding the right plugin to fit your needs is as easy as a search on the web, but installing can vary. So be aware that some degree of technical knowledge will be required. A few times per year, WordPress will require an update. There is a huge team of developers that donate their time to keep WP safe from hackers and current to the times and it is highly recommended to keep WP as well as your plugins up-to-date.

WordPress “Themes” are as many as they are cool. Themes are the look and feel of your site. They are what organize your columns, sidebars, headers as well as the headers, footers and fonts. Some themes are free and many are for purchase. All can be customized and manipulated/controlled by a guy like me that is college educated in Graphic Web Development or has spent many hours in front of a computer or both.

Search Engine Optimization
As mentioned on the Website Design Home page, SEO is always key to your sites success. Refreshing your sites content lets Google know you are active and helps push you up the ranking latter and don’t forget the little things like completing the “alt” text and “title”, leaving nothing blank. There is a lot to SEO and it is worth your time reading up on it or leaving it to the pro’s!