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Web Site Design

Shootys Graphix WordPress and Custom Websites!
Wether it’s WordPress or a custom site Shootys Graphix can revamp your existing site or create a brand new one! I am Gary Schutte and I’m skilled in both website design as well as development and am very approachable offering you one-on-one service. As a “Graphic Web Developer” I am skilled in both design as well as program coding such as html, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. This allows me to work on your new logo in Adobe Illustrator then place it in your site so it shows up on every page. No middle man!

While my skills permit me to create “user friendly”, aesthetically pleasing websites they don’t stop there. I use solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices that help existing sites as well as brand new sites (with new domain names) counter sandboxing. Sandboxing is a practice used by Google to prevent new sites from going straight to the top of the search page during the first six months to a year. That may be fair for existing sites, but very tough for a new business to get their name out there.

Proper page management is key to Search Engine ranking. While always striving to keep the content current and making sure it contains quality verbiage pertinent to the page, you must also consider the “wow” factor; pictures and images. This is when a page comes to life!

Images & Photos
The idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” cannot hold truer for a webpage.
Whether a photo is used in support or to make a statement to your viewers, it must meet higher criteria when used on the internet than for print. Professional photos always seem to meet this ridged criterion, but with today’s optics even a Smartphone can capture that special moment and may be perfectly suited for your new website.

Complete Image Restoration
However, there are scenarios that call for a scanned photo with a few rough edges. With my PhotoShop skills, you can rest assured that (90% of the time) I can make a few adjustments making it presentable for your site. I also offer photo restoration services for your badly damaged treasures, using the utmost of care and the highest level of craftsmanship. In all cases you can trust my trained eye in selecting useable photos for your website!

Thank you for your time and consideration!